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Looking for some information or inspiration for your next destination? This global travel guide is just what you need. For all countries highlighted in purple below, I’ve developed detailed travel guides that you can use to plan your next trip! Access the guides for information on what to know before you go, ideas for the best activities to do in a given city, and / or where to eat. The countries highlighted in fuchsia will have guides coming soon!

Where I’ve Been

An overview of the places I’ve been to-date :). You can click the map to access links to corresponding posts.

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European Destinations

Europe is often the first international travel destination of many travelers from the U.S., due to romantic locations like Rome or Paris, as well as the beautiful castes that exist throughout the continent. I am one of these people, and my journey in Europe started in Spain, which is still one of my favorite countries to this day.

You can find a little bit of everything here, from the beautiful frozen landscapes of countries like Iceland to the warm Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches of Spain and Italy. The only challenge is deciding where to first…

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Latin American Destinations

Latin America is labeled as such due to spread of Latin languages (Spanish / Portuguese) throughout South America and parts of the Caribbean in the colonial era. Each country brings a unique mixture of the original native culture, African, and European culture. This means you should definitely not expect to have the same experience in each country. 

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Asian Destinations

Asia is the largest continent in the world, offering a diverse cultures, religions, and topography. From Russia to China to India, the range of experiences you can have here is quite remarkable. Consider this area of the world for experiences such as visiting the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, or even Mt. Everest, if you have that kind of money / need for adventure.   

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African Destinations

The great continent of Africa is huge and so much more than what is typically portrayed to us in the media. From the incredible history in Egypt to the beautiful mountains in Cape Town and the wide variety of wildlife, there is just so much to explore in this beautiful continent.

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United States Destinations

The USA offers a wide variety of travel options. From cities to mountain ranges to beaches, there is no limit to what you can experience in this country. My guides (and the guides to come) offer tips on traveling to places like New York, Washington, DC (I’m a local!), Disney World and more!

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