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London in a Day | A Travel Guide

London in a Day
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London is a huge city that is spread out over many miles. This can make it a bit difficult to determine what to do if you only have one day or a long layover in the city. In this short guide, I’ll walk you through the places to visit to see London in a Day.

You won’t be able to cover everything, of course, but you’ll get to hit all the key landmarks. This guide features a mix of walking and subway-riding to get you around the city, so be prepared to be active!

Know Before You Go | London

To save you repeat information here, check out this same section in my London in 4 Days travel guide. In addition to the information listed there, I have a few key recommendations:

  • Getting into London: Take the Heathrow Express or Gatwick Express trains to get into the city, depending on which airline you fly into. Both trains offer significantly reduced time in getting to the center of the city vs. taxis or the underground. Time is precious when you only have a day (or less)!
  • Where to Stay: If you do have a night’s stay in the city, I recommend staying in Westminster city. This area offers many great hotels, like the Airways Hotel Victoria that we reserved on Booking.com. You’ll also find great shops, the Victoria underground station, and several landmarks, such as Westminster Abbey close by.

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The Itinerary | One Day in London

Morning | Westminster City, Green Park, and St. James’ Park

Start the morning by grabbing breakfast in Westminster City. I recommend checking out Pimlico Fresh, for healthy and delicious breakfast options. They don’t take reservations, but people move in and out of the restaurant pretty quickly.

Once you’ve finished breakfast, take a stroll near Green Park, continuing on through St. James’ Park. While on this walk, you’ll be able to see the following landmarks:

  • Buckingham Palace: The home of THE Queen, where you can witness the changing of the guard ceremony every day at 11:00AM.
  • Westminster Abbey: 1000+ year-old church where many royals, such as Queen Elizabeth have been wed or coronated.
  • Houses of Parliament: The major seat of government for the UK that is connected to “Big Ben”. Note: Big Ben is currently under renovation, and will be for the next few years.
  • Trafalgar Square: End your morning walk here, where you’ll see the National Gallery and Nelson’s Column. This square is dedicated to the British Naval Victory during the Napoleonic Wars. You can use the Trafalgar Square tube station to get to your next destination.
Houses of Parliament and Big Ben (under scaffolding)

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the hour as you complete your walk. It should take about an hour if you just walked straight through, but if you stop at any of the sites mentioned above it will take longer. You should plan to wrap up this part of the day by noon.

Afternoon | The Tower of London or the British Museum

I’ve given two options for the afternoon, based on what you prefer to see. I think that either will take at least 2 hours or so to see in any meaningful way.

  1. If you are interested in seeing one of the UK’s oldest castles and learning about life in the middle ages, you should checkout the Tower of London. It is one of my favorite sites in the city as it has been preserved so well for the past 1000 or so years. Purchase your ticket in advance here to avoid waiting in line. If you head to this area, you will also be able to see London’s most famous bridge – The Tower Bridge – up close. There are several stands outside of the castle where you can grab something quick to eat like fish & chips (a British standard). You can access both landmarks from the Tower Hill tube station.
  2. If you would like to walk through ancient history around the world, head over to the British Museum. Entry into the museum is free, and you can also opt to pay for special exhibits that are at the museum for a short time. You can grab a quick lunch in the museum or at one of the restaurants that line the street outside of the museum. Access the museum via the Tottenham Court Road, Holborn, Russell Square, or Goodge Street tube stations.
The British Museum in London
The British Museum

Evening | The London Eye

At the end of your day, visit the London Eye to get panoramic views of the whole city! It appears as a Ferris wheel, but moves much slower, so those who don’t like rides should not have any issues with this one.

You can get great shots at dusk or in the evening, so have your camera ready :). Purchase your ticket in advance here to avoid waiting in line. You can access the eye from the Waterloo tube station.

If you have time for dinner, I recommend eating at Dishoom for AMAZING Indian food or Duck & Waffle for Euro-British fusion. Make a reservation in advance for whatever dinner option you decide on to save the most time. You can access Dishoom in Covent Gardens from the Leicester Square tube station and Duck and Waffle from the Liverpool tube station.

London Eye
The London Eye

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City Map | London

Map Key: 

This map will definitely come in handy as you navigate to this city in the short time you have there. Each location is listed in the order it is discussed in this post: 

  1. Pimlico Fresh (Breakfast)
  2. Buckingham Palace Road (Getting to the Palace)
  3. Westminster Abbey
  4. Houses of Parliament (See Big Ben)
  5. Trafalgar Square
  6. Tower of London 
  7. British Museum (Afternoon Option #1)
  8. London Eye (Afternoon Option #2)
  9. Dishoom (Dinner Option #1)
  10. Duck & Waffle (Dinner Option #2)

Final Thoughts | London in One Day

That wraps up a whirlwind trip to London in a Day! Of course feel free to modify your activities based on how much time you have there. I hope this guide was helpful in showing how much you can fit into one day in this trendy city.

Have you visited London before? What else do you recommend for a really short trip to London? Comment below!

Woman standing on street near Covent Garden
Out by Covent Garden

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  1. Actually going to visit London next week. It won’t be my first time or even second, so I have already visited all the places you have been to during your one day in London, but reading your post brings back fond memories and anticipation about my upcoming trip!

  2. Ouchies. As a local I wouldnt do London in a day. Makes your feet sore. But if this is the only time visitors have (espeically on a lay over), then run your ass off. 😀 Its best to do this when there isn’t a heatwave on as the Underground can be very stuffy down there. Just get the main sights done and have a plate of fish and chips with an old fashioned cup of tea and job’s a gooden 🙂

  3. Holy smokes! That is a jam-packed day! I did all of these things over the course of 4 days…haha. This is not how I would want to do London, but if you’ve only got one day and want to do everything, go for it!

  4. That sounds like a great plan to fit all of the highlights in . I think I would choose the Tower of London over the Museum if I had to make that tough choice. I would also like to make time for a high tea – – I can’t resist the scones and cream.

    1. All great ideas!! Making the choice between the two of those was so hard for me on my last visit! We ended up at the Museum, but I would have likely chosen the Tower if it was totally my choice :).

  5. Covering London in a day seems very difficult. I am a slow traveler and love to soak in one place at a time. But I love the way how good an itinerary you have prepared to cover the popular destinations in a day. I am glad you haven’t missed out on Ferris Wheel. 🙂

  6. Great one-day London itinerary. I would only add one thing more, to head to Fortunam & Mason in Picadilly for a traditional English afternoon tea. Or, at least to buy a box of one of the finest teas as a souvenir.

  7. London is one of my favorite cities to visit. This is an excellent guide! I love that you give so many activity options and I think you do an excellent job of dividing the day up. I will definitely save this for when I take the rest of my family to London 🙂

  8. Wow, London in a day!! You have indeed put in efforts to make it a reality. You have indeed covered all tourist attractions like parliament, Trafalgar square, museum etc all. For me London eye is the must experience place.

  9. London is one of my favorite cities to visit. This is an excellent
    guide! I love that you give so many activity options and I think you
    do an excellent job of dividing the day up. I will definitely save
    this for when I take the rest of my family to London 🙂

  10. Of course, it’s always best to have as long as you can in a place and London is somewhere we’ve been quite a few times being from England. But this is a great guide and if you are pushed for time you have managed to pack in all the must see places.

  11. Your blog is gorgeous! I love the layout.

    London is #1 on my bucket list. As soon as I get the opportunity to go overseas, that’s where I’m heading!
    I can’t imagine trying to pack everything into only one day though. Great post!

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