The Best Money Mindset Course (Money Mindset for Her Review)

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So you’re interested in changing your money mindset, but not quite sure where to start. A great way to do this is by taking a money mindset course to help you change your thinking about money.

I have recently taken the course Money Mindset for her (formerly Money Mindset School) by Natalie Bacon, and review this course in depth in this post. In my review, I will provide details on the course and help you understand why this is really the best money mindset course out there!

*Note, the course creator Natalie has now closed this course. You can find her new offerings here.

Money Mindset for Her: What You Will Learn

As you can probably tell, this course is all about changing the way that you think about money. For a quick glimpse into the course, here is a high-level outline of the course:

  1. Money Beliefs
  2. Feelings About Money
  3. Saving and Having Money
  4. Spending Money
  5. Making Money
  6. Debt
  7. Designing a Money Philosophy
  8. BONUS Lessons – Includes 6 lessons on budgeting, investments, entrepreneurship and more!

Please don’t let any of the module titles fool you – this course is full of actionable steps for your to take to work through changing your money mindset. I’ll dig deeper into this as I talk through my experience with the course. For additional details, check out the course overview page.

Why Changing Your Money Mindset is Important

If you feel that you are constantly struggling with your money, this course will help you figure our why. Understand why you feel you never have enough money and learn how to create more money in your future. Learn why you are an over-spender (or overly-frugal) and how to work through it.

If you change how you think about money, you’ll change your approach to how you handle it. In turn, you’ll stop being stressed about money. If you follow all the steps in the course, you’ll also understand how to clearly grow your money too! (Natalie now makes over $100,000/year from her blogging business, so she is just the one to teach you!)

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Note, this course is all video-based, but each lesson comes with downloadable slides that you can read as well. Additionally, this course is self-paced, so you complete it as you have the time. 

money mindset school review

Why Should You Trust Natalie Bacon? 

Natalie Bacon is a lawyer, turned Certified Financial Planner (CFP), turned full-time Entrepreneur. I was introduced to her story when I was looking through the Create and Go YouTube page. (They are another awesome set of Entrepreneurs that you should check out!). I read a couple of posts on Natalie’s page and found her perspective on Money and Entrepreneurship to be so refreshing. So I signed up for her email list, and wound up joining just in time to be a part of the Money Mindset School lauch! 

Natalie really knows her stuff when it comes to money and finances, and additionally she recently became an official Life Coach. This allows her to pull in a lot of great life coaching aspects into the course, so it’s like you get your own, personal Money Mindset Coach as you work through the course!

My Experience with Money Mindset for Her

I’ll admit when I first reviewed the outline for the course, I wasn’t sure it was right for me. I was a Finance major in college, and previously worked in Accounting, but I knew I wasn’t fully happy with my finances. I realized that just knowing the right way to do things with money is not enough, but perhaps I needed to adjust my mindset on money as well. So I dove right in and purchased the course, and I’m so glad that I did! 

What I Loved About the Course

I loved the following aspects of the course:

  • Course Structure:  Nearly every module in the course has a homework assignment. And each of these assignments really makes you challenge the way that you think about money today. The course is geared to helping you realize that your status with money (e.g., debt vs. no debt or frugal vs. spender), have no bearing on you as a person. These are just facts, and you can position yourself for better success with money if you can keep your mindset on money positive. If you put in the work, you’ll definitely make the progress you desire
  • The CTFAR Model: A lot of the course is organized around the CTFAR Model, which is a model that is used in certain life coaching schools. It essentially states that your Circumstances, trigger your Thoughts, which cause your Feelings, which lead to Actions that lead to Results. The course teaches you how to examine your thoughts and feelings to ultimate lead to better results. (Highly simplified, of course). 
  • Final Course Objective – Developing Your Money Philosophy: The ultimate output of the course is developing your own personal money philosophy, which allows you to shape what your financial situation will be in the future. You’ll develop the action-based steps to take you there too.

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What I Would Change about Money Mindset School

If I could change anything in Money Mindset School, I’d want to see a few more modules centered around budgeting and investing, as both of those topics are very interesting to me. But what Natalie does in the courses is provide you with the guidance you need to understand where you should focus your attention after building your Money Philosophy. 

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Improve your Money Mindset to Start Building Wealth!

My Personal Results from Taking the Course

After taking this course, I felt extremely motivated to do some the things I had put off for months. I developed my money philosophy, and then realized that I what I would benefit from is making better choices with where I keep my money, and how I’m tracking my expenses. So I did two things:

  1. I signed up for a Sofi Money account. This account gives 2.25% interest on your checking account (!) and has no ATM fees globally (!!!). Now I’m earning more on the money that I already have and don’t overspend on cash withdrawals when hopping about the globe. 
  2. I created an automated budget spreadsheet that makes tracking my spending a breeze! You can learn more about the favorite budget spreadsheet here, or simply download it below! 

Of course, your personal results will vary, but I hope this gives you an idea of how motivating the content in Money Mindset School can be.

Changing Your Money Mindset: Can This Course Help You Do It?

As I stated above, the objective of Money Mindset School is to change to your money mindset. This course can 100% get you on the path to having a positive way of thinking about money, and put you on the path to financial success!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Money Mindset for Her today and start getting your finances in order right away!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I definitely want to check out the course. I know money mindset can be huge asset to changing your current financial situation if you are unhappy with it. I have dipped into it a bit here and there but it’s easy to slip back into bad habits.

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