The Best Black Travel Groups

The Black Travel Movement has hit and its a wonderful thing to see. Learn about the best black travel groups in this post, and how you can use them to help you experience Adventure, Luxury, and Service travel throughout the globe! #blacktravelmovement #blacktravelers
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With the advent of the Black Travel Movement, there have been a variety of new travel travel groups owned and operated by African Americans that have started over the past few years. If you’re looking to travel with other similarly-minded black travelers, then exploring these types of travel groups may be a good option for you. I’ll walk you through the Best Black Travel Groups in this post, so you can decide which is best for you! 

The Best Black Travel Groups 

The Black Travel Club

Website: https://blacktravel.club

Type of Travel: Adventure / Local 

Price Range: ~$1000 – $2000

Overview: The black travel club was founded by experienced travelers to build a member’s only community of Black travelers to help you discover new places, explore, and connect with other Black travelers. In addition to offering group trips, you can also buy branded travel gear from them. 

Sample trips include: 

  • Greece: This trip will take you from Athens to Mykonos to Santorini, and back again. It includes a stay in a private villa, fun daily activities, and local transportation. 
  • Amsterdam: You’ll experience the city’s canals, coffee shops, museums, beaches and more while in Amsterdam. You also have access to nearby cities, such as Den Haag and Rotterdam. 
woman in red dress in Santorini
Can you see yourself in Santorini?

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Destination Impact 

Website: https://destinationimpact.com

Type of Travel: Service-Based

Price Range: $950 – $3000

Overview: Destination Impact offers two types of experiences: 1) Embolden – A Gap-Year Experience for Male Youth of Color, and 2) Athari – Short Term Service Trips. This mission of this company is “To inspire active global citizenship through travel, service, and cultural exchange.” The trops are set up as part service trip and part “local” based adventure travel. The proceeds they obtain from the trips provide resources to help schools in many areas around the globe, in areas that are part of Africa, or the African diaspora. 

Sample destinations include: 

  • Kenya: Spend 3 days volunteering at a local school, then participate in awesome activites such as the elephant orphanage and Bomas of Kenya. You can upgrade for a relatively small fee to a 3-day Safari package.
  • Ethiopia: Spend 2-3 days working with NGOs to provide clothes and food to the homeless. Then participate in events like a tour of Addis Abbaba, cooking classes, and nightlife options. 

Note: I’m hoping to go on a trip with this group soon – I’ve had a few conversations with them, and the team seems absolutely lovely. 


Website: https://dipaways.com

Type of Travel: Adventure / Growth 

Price Range: $1780 – $2700

Overview: This company is run by Dricks, who left a successful marketing career to travel. He found his experience so enlightening that he wanted to create a similar experience for others too. In addition to offering group trips, they also provide private trips, trip planning services, and corporate trips. These trips include everything…including a photographer! 

Upcoming trips include:

  • Cape Town: You’ll spend your time getting the best of the Mother City. Learn about the city’s culture and history, go on a wildlife conservation safari, visit beaches, experience sunset cruises and more. Get to know why this city is loved by so many travelers. 
  • Amalfi Coast: Get the best of what Italy has to offer. Enjoy traditional Italian breakfasts, take sunset hikes, explore the coast via yacht, and wander through beautiful coast towns, like Positano. 
View of the Amalfi Coast
There is so much beauty in the Amalfi Coast

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Black Girls Travel Too

Website: https://www.blackgirlstraveltoo.com

Type of Travel: Luxury & Adventure 

Price Range: $2000 – $6000

Overview: Black Girls Travel Too provides curated travel experiences to provide growth and enriching experiences to black women. It started as a instagram page, and just blossomed from there. All trips are set in intimate group settings and provide luxury stays and local tours. 

Example trips include: 

  • India: Explore the beautiful city of Delhi and its UNESCO world heritage sites. Next stop in Agra to see the Taj Mahal, and the old bazaars in the Old City. You’ll also see the wildlife sanctuary of Ranthambore, the desert “Pink City” Jaipur, with plenty of intersting stops along the way. 
  • Australia: Experience the great down under by starting your trip in Sydney. After experiencing the city, head out to the Blue Mountains to learn about the Aboriginal Darug Culture. Next, head to Melbourne where you’ll be able to have a hot air ballon adventure to see the city from multiple angles. Finally, you’ll go to Brisbane, where you’ll see the country’s only inner-city beach and events such as the theater. 

Black & Abroad

Website: https://www.weareblackandabroad.com

Type of Travel: Luxury & Adventure 

Price Range: $2300 – $4700

Overview: Black & Abroad is a multi-platform, travel and lifestyle company. They curate international, culturally conscious luxury & adventrue travel experiences. In addition to offering tours, they provide a wealth of travel information on their site, as well as branded travel gear. The founders have been featured in pulications such as theRoot, Blavity, and Ebony, and have really made a name for themselves in the travel industry. They’ve had a very impactful campaign this year called “Go Back to Africa”, which you can learn more about here.

Upcoming trips include:

  • Senegal: Visit Dakar, and learn all you can about Dakar’s culture and history. Get to experience outside the city as well, including the lovely Ngor Island, and visit the Bandia Reserve for safari to round out your trip. You’ll stay in 5-star accomodations throughout the trip, and have a professional photographer travel around with you as well. 
  • Tanzania: Explore cities such as Dar Es Salaam, Stone Town, and Zanzibar, learning all about their history and culture. Spend time yachting through the crystal clear Tanzanian waters, and see the pristine beaches and spice farms too. 

Black Travelers


Type of Travel: Adventure 

Price Range: $1500 – $2500

OverviewBlack Travelers was founded by Carina, a Brazilian world traveler who aims to show others her country and other destinations around the world. One of her goals is to connect black people who travel, because, like many of us, it is still not very common to see other travelers of color in certain places. 

Upcoming destinations/experiences include: 

  • Afro Brazil: This trip will take you first to Bahia, then to Salavador – a city that is touted as having the MOST African influence outside of the motherland. While experiencing the culture of the city, you’ll be able to soak in all that Afro-Brazilian flavor. Next, you’ll head to Rio de Janeiro to see the beach and visit landmarks like Christ the Redeemer. 
  • Cartagena, Colombia: Stroll through the colorful streets of Cartagena, and see famous areas such as the Old City and Getsemani. Head outside of the city to see Palenque de San Basilio, a community founded by escaped African slaves and still fully functioning today! 
woman in Getsemaní, Colombia
Roaming the streets in Getsemaní

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Up in the Air Life 

Website: https://upintheairlife.com

Type of Travel: Luxury

Price Range: $3000 – $10,000+, depending on occupancy and destination 

Overview: Up in the Air Life describes itself as a travel company that combines the art of connections with luxury travel for destinations around the world. In addition to trips, they also offer curated meetups and hosted local events. This company is a little momre developed / expansive than many others on this list, which destinations on every continent, except for Australia. (Yes, they even have trips to Antarctica!)

Just for a taste of what they offer, some sample trips they have coming up in the next year include: 

  • Ghana: This trip includes amenities such as chef-curated dinners, museum visits – such as the home of Civil rights leader W.E.B. DuBois, the “Door of No Return”, and sailing in Volta. 
  • Antartica: If you want to visit this continent, why not do it in style? This trip starts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on day 3 you’ll head to the port town of Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world to start your cruise to Antarctica. During your the next few days, you’ll sail with a knowledable Expedition Team to Antarctica an back, experiencing wonderful wildlife throughout the journey. 

In Summary | The Best Groups for Black Travelers

I hope that this post has given you the inforomation you need to determine which company may be a fit for you! At the very least, I hope it has inspired to check out some of the destinations that you’ll find listed above. I do believe that these are some of the best black travel groups out there, and I plan to continue adding to this list! 

the best black travel groups
Travel with one of the groups above, and this could be you!

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